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These are the programs and services that we deliver

Aboriginal Seniors Support Program

This is a new program specifically designed to work with our elder community and is patterned after our Family Services program and delivers most of the same services and supports. Contact with clients is more frequent and for a longer length of time per visit. This program is being developed with the hope of meeting many of the needs facing this group and ensuring that no one is isolated and alone.

snug street outreach (special needs user group)

Support and services to women on the street to obtain other community services, housing, detox, and resources. Support when dealing with the justice system..

The following are more of our programs and services

  • Aboriginal Family Resource Centre
  • Aboriginal Family Support
  • Kinship Care
  • Community Support Homes (Foster Homes)
  • Choices Stay In School Program
  • Choices Institutional Services
  • SNUG Program (Street Outreach)
  • Protection Of Children Involved In Prostitution
  • Protection of Sexually Exploited Children (PSECA)